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TRUSTONE Security is mainly involved in distributing, supporting, repairing and maintaining security products in a domestic market that provides extensible, scalable and flexible solutions through partner channels to fulfill our valued clients in everyday.
Since the founding of its company, we have dedicated ourselves to providing innovative, high-quality, cost-effective solution to our customers.
Our products are engineered and designed for the highest level of performance in access control, security CCTV and DVR, time & attendance and workforce management.
Ongoing support and repair & maintenance
Digitalized integration with DVR
Integrated effective control of
managerial information
- Interlocked with time attendance,
  food scheduling, visitor check activities
Complete course of system administration in
liaison with other systems and devices
- Speed Gate system
- Vehicle access control system
- others (fire detection)
- Visual Surveillance System
  (CCTV, etc.)
- Security Fence System
On-site installation of the entry pass system
- Reinforcement of security at the entrance
- Prevention of leakage of information by intruders
- Accurate source of data for entrance and exit
- User convenience through One-card