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TSG 100 (4DX) Access Controller
작성자 Trustone 등록일 12-07-17 20:05 조회 7,051
TSG 100 is a powerful Ethernet-ready four door controller that provides advanced and easy solutions for any size of application communicating TSG Manger Software.

-On-board Ethernet communication
-Embedded Web interface support through web browser
-Adapted multiple packet Tx/Rx protocol for fast two-way data transmission
-Level option for each control for flexible and effective control
-Four-state supervised inputs (Open loop/Shorted loop/Grounded loop/Line fault)
-Extra input ports for Power Fail, Low Battery, Tamper, and Fire
-Self-configuring of readers with standard wiegand format such as 26/34/37/40 bits.
-Global, Timed and Soft Anti-pass back supported
-256 time schedule
-100,000 card capacity
-50,000 transaction buffer
-Global input/output linkage function
-Global and S/W arm/disarm command
-LED included RJ45 connector of its network operation status
-Auto converting function of reverse DC input
-Lithium battery for RTC backup
-LED display of its operation status
-Electric noise protection circuit
-PCB protection cover