Fingerprint Controller




  • Fake Fingerprint detection

    High security level by emitting light
    only with live human finger

  • Works well in harsh
    environments including direct sunlight

    Direct sunlight cannot penetrate the surface of the LE sensor

  • Possible to authenticate
    damage/dry fingerprint

    High identification rate by strong capturing
    algorithm of damage/dry fingerprint

  • Recognition Speed for 1:N

    <1 Sec when 10K user
    When there are 10K user, it can be applied to Access/T&A
    of large-scale business sites at a speed of less than 1 second

  • Superior durability against
    scratch and impact resistant

LE(Light Emitting) Sensor?

It is Polymer based sensor that emits light when fingerprint is contacted.
It is designed for demanding environments where users are
exposed to bright sunlight,dusty,dirty and dry condition,
there is also a function of fake fingerprint detection technology.

Robust LE sensor(US-origin & FBI Certified)
Possible to authenticate damaged & fake fingerprint


TSG-750 performs where others fail,
even in bright sunlight, dusty, dirty
and dry conditions

User authentication is fast and accurate with the highest level of spoofing detection.
Reliability, security accuracy, performance, speed
and style in one easy to use affordable solution.

System Configuration Diagram

Product Info

TSG-750 Specification
CPU 32bit
Function Access control & TA
Memory Up to 1G Flash, RAM
LCD 4.3inch(Touch)
Sensor LE Sensor
User capacity 10K, 30K, 50K(1:N)
Network TCP / RS485
Wifi Option
Relay 2(door/alarm)
RF Card EM/HID/Mifare
Wiegand Input Yes
Wiegand Output 26/34 bit
Function key F1,F2,F3,F4
Product Size 118mm×163mm×40mm
Power 12V
Language English/Arabic/Persian