Access control & Time attendance

GAUSS Software



Key Features

Database Microsoft LocalDB / Microsoft SQL Server
Server/Client Gauss Lite(Not support)
Gauss Pro(Not support)
Gauss Commander(Support)
Dashboard Support graphical dashboard and user can monitoring at-a glance views of key performance.
Access Control Support access control and user can control doors and monitoring events and alarms.
Time & Attendance Support regular / shift time and attendance function.
Easy to define working time and schedule for each employee and data calculation.
Fingerprint Registration Possible to register fingerprint by fingerprint USB scanner then upload user templates to other fingerprint devices.
Face Registration Possible to register face templates even with snap shot taken by web cam on computer.
Support mass face registration using user’s photos.
Monitoring Support event and alarm monitoring with user’s photo.
Support pop-up window when user’s temperature high.
Data Export Support data export to an excel file when views log report.
Account Management Support account management for Gauss software login.
Remote Door Control Support remote door control and user can lock/unlock doors.
Multilanguage English, Korean, Persian and more.
Support RTL(Right To Left) user interface,

Software Comparison Table

Gauss Lite Gauss Pro Gauss Commander
No. of maximum
support devices
5 20 100
Database Microsoft LocalDB Microsoft LocalDB Microsoft SQL Server
Server/Client Not Support Not Support Support
Cost Free Not free Not free